Prof. Dedkov, YuriyGroup leader (Experiment)E119 (ICQMS), 427A (MGI)
Prof. Voloshina, ElenaGroup leader (Theory)E119 (ICQMS)
Gao, Xiaoyan (高晓燕)SecretaryE113 (ICQMS)
Guo, Qilin (郭麒麟)PhD student (II)E109 (ICQMS)
Yan, Mouhui (颜谋回)PhD student (II)E107 (ICQMS)
Yang, Juntao (杨俊涛)PhD student (III)E109 (ICQMS)
Jin, Yichen (金一辰)Master student (II) E105 (ICQMS)
Jin, Yukun (金毓坤)Master student (I) E109 (ICQMS)
Li, Kexin (李可欣)Master student (I) E105 (ICQMS)
Wu, Zhicheng (吴志城)Master student (III)E107 (ICQMS)
Xu, Sifan (许思凡) Master student (III)E107 (ICQMS)
Yue, Wenxuan (岳文轩)Master student (II)E107 (ICQMS)
Zhou, Yong (周勇)Master student (III)E107 (ICQMS)

Bachelor-, Master-, PhD Students and Postdocs, we always have projects available. Candidates are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential topics.

Postdoc positions in theory and experiment are available – please, apply!